is a blog authored by Kevin Klinkenberg of Olsson Associates. For more on Kevin, refer to the page “Who is Kevin Klinkenberg?”  While any attempts to use this to contact or hire Kevin are welcome, this blog exists as an exercise in expressing ideas, not one of self-promotion. The intent is to constantly explore the many issues surrounding our cities, towns and neighborhoods, and how to make them more walkable.  And, I’ll use whatever tools are in the toolkit to achieve that aim – videos, pictures, podcasts, humor, irreverence, anger, and even guest bloggers occasionally.


Daniel Burnham is famous for saying,

Make no little plans – they have no magic to stir men’s blood

But on the next page of the Plan of Chicago, he also said this,

It should be understood, however, that such radical changes as are proposed herein cannot possibly be realized immediately. Indeed, the aim has been to anticipate the needs of the future as well as to provide for the necessities of the present; in short, to direct the development of the city towards an end that must seem ideal, but is practical.

Too often in the world of urban design, architecture and planning we forget to balance those two critical elements – the yin and yang of place-making: idealistic visions and practical realities. One cannot exist without the other. I hope to express that balance on this site. Enjoy.


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