Making the rounds in the last week in the architecture/urban planning world is this unveiling of a prototype new city design in China. Designed by the firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture out of Chicago, the city is a challenging proposition to the current state of urban planning in China. And, the design certainly challenges a number of dogmas from the New Urbanism about how to design a place, including its emphasis on high-rise construction, informal public spaces and more.

What do you think? What is the good, the bad or the ugly from this approach? How do we measure success for projects such as this in China and other developing nations?

China city 1

China city4

China city3


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2 Responses to New Satellite City Design in China

  1. huey says:

    It is important to have an integrated approach in terms of land use and transport planning. Since most developing nations are highly populated, the need to have a work-live-leisure balanced neighborhood is top priority.

  2. jagewang says:

    I’m a Chinese. The issue I’ve considered is the gap between the new satellite city and its neighborhood.Chengdu is city where time can “slow down”,people there used to sitting under tree and playing Majiang.It’s said you could hear the sound of Majiang in airbus. The new city would like to change the “speed” of the time,then it will change the culture we have in mind.So integrated planning and transport planning are quite important.

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