New Urbanism is simply the design and planning of walkable communities. Sometimes also called Smart Growth or Traditional Neighborhood Design, this approach is centered around the principle that a quality neighborhood is one where people can live, work and play, all without the need for a car. New Urbanists advocate for beautiful, long-lasting cites, towns and neighborhoods that will attract families and singles, both young and old.

New Urban News reports that more than 600 new towns, villages, and neighborhoods are planned or under construction in the US, using principles of New Urbanism. In addition, progressive communities are now using new zoning techniques, such as form-based codes, to encourage the development or redevelopment of walkable, sustainable neighborhoods.


What are the benefits of walkability?

Walkable communities are thriving, livable places that give their residents safe transportation choices and improved quality of life. In too many communities today life is organized in such a way that people must drive everywhere for every daily need. The Centers for Disease Control and other organizations have determined that our community-building patterns have had a direct impact on the decline in the health of Americans, and are a primary contributor in the obesity epidemic. Walking, instead of driving everywhere, has a direct positive effect on health, both physical and mental.

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